The Mission: Children and youth groups Children and youth group’s

At Holy Trinity we take our responsibility for teaching our children the Christian faith seriously. In Deuteronomy chapter 11 we are told to teach the word of God to our children. It is our responsibility to pass on to the next generation, the truth and the reality of the love of God. Who will tell them if we don’t? In Matthew’s gospel, chapter 10, the people brought the children to Jesus for His blessing and Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such of these.” We believe it is our mission to bring the children to Jesus for His blessing and to help them to know and love Him and to come to a personal, living faith in Him. Children and youth groups

Where we meet:

We meet, during the service, on Sunday mornings, in the Garven room, which is situated in the church building. We have groups geared to the age and ability of the children and young people, and we try and achieve a family, relaxed atmosphere for learning rather than a formal school type setting. Children and youth group’s 

The Teaching:

As a basis for teaching, with the younger children, we follow the, bible based, Scripture Union ‘Light’ material.



We use many different forms of learning, for example, through stories, craft, painting, drama, songs, rhymes, cooking, playing and talking through the bible story and valuing the children’s own ideas, questions, feelings and needs.

The youth group explore and debate social topics and issues from a Christian and biblical perspective and have been using a scheme called, ‘You Fish Shoes’. They are now exploring a series by Scripture Union: ‘Substance’, faithful to the bible: relevant to the world. As leaders, we aim to build faith in the young people in a way that is relevant to their experiences and understanding, and having some fun along the way. Children and youth group’s

The Team:

We have a dedicated team of leaders. Child safeguarding is important to us and all our leaders are DBS checked.

Our current team of leaders include Penny Grahame, Wendy Skilling, Lindsay Grant, Aruna Hodgson, Susan Stewart and Janet Lazarus. Please pray for us as we prepare and lead the groups each week and for the youngsters on the receiving end!

Part of the Church:

The children and youth in our church are a real joy and a vibrant energetic part of our congregation. We encourage our young people to become involved and engaged in the Sunday services. They read, play musical instruments, sing, take part in dramas and are involved in the technical side of running the services. Some of our teenagers also help with the Saturday morning coffee bar.

We see our children and young people, not just as the church of the future, but very much an important part of the church now!

image logo’s of children’s groups taken from scripture union web site