Our CMS Africa Mission partner is Jean Bosco who is director of Kimbilio in DR Congo

Kimbilio Overview July 2014

What do we do?

Kimbilio support street children and former street children through 4 centres in Lubumbashi the second city of D.R.Congo.  We work in partnership with the Anglican Church of Congo to provide this support to street children. Our main aim is to reintegrate children with their parents whenever possible and appropriate.


Centre Kimbilio – A day centre providing support and practical care, food, safe place to wash, literacy classes, recreational and educational activities.  This centre is open 3 days a week and receives between 50 and 60 children each day.  We attempt to reintegrate children who have recently come onto the streets with their families as quickly as possible to prevent them from becoming established on the streets.

Kimbilio Transit – A temporary home for 10 boys living with a Congolese family who support and care for them.  The boys are able to stay at Kimbilio Transit for up to 6 months to enable them to get used to living with routines and stability again and whilst we try to reconnect them with their families.

Kimbilio Filles – A temporary home for 10 girls living with a Congolese carer who supports and cares for them.  The girls are able to stay at Kimbilio Filles for up to 6 months to enable them to get used to living with routines and stability again and whilst we try to reconnect them with their families.

Maison Kimbilio – A 4 hectre site on the outskirts of the city.  Currently there is a house providing longer term accommodation to 10 boys for whom it is unlikely that they will be able to return to their families. We hope to find finances to build longer term accommodation for girls on this site as well as educational provision.  Please see attached google map to see the long term plans for this site.

Friends of Kimbilio – This is a group made up of mostly expat volunteers in Lubumbashi who give their time, resources and finances on a local basis to assist the work of Kimbilio.

Kimbilio Management Committee – This is a team of local experts and individuals with experience in management, youth and social work who give their time voluntarily to provide oversight, guidance and accountability to the work and development of Kimbilio. They meet on a quarterly basis, chaired by Sarah Trice.

Congo Children Trust (CCT)– CCT was set up and registered as a UK charity in 2007 in order to raise the funds to establish Kimbilio.  The project funds for food, school fees and uniform, health care, staff costs, construction etc are channelled to Kimbilio via the Congo Children Trust.

Church Mission Society (CMS) –  Funds directed via CMS provide funding to support Jean Bosco’s ministry and work at Kimbilio.

Vision – As well as expanding the service provision in Lubumbashi and developing more preventative services we have a vision to work in other cities in D.R.Congo where there are many street children in need of support.

Current financial situation – Most funding comes to Kimbilio via UK Churches, schools and individuals.  Our current incomings and outgoings expenses parallel each other and at times we have to restrict some service provision as a result of lack of funding. We have no large funders.  We are looking to expand our funding support base and are actively searching for new partners to assist in this area.

Key People

Ian Harvey – Kimbilio Founder and Director.  Ian living in Lubumbashi for 5 years and worked alongside the Congolese team to establish the projects.  During this time he was supported via CMS as a CMS mission partner.  He is now based back in the UK and is involved in promoting, awareness raising, fund raising and supporting the project through the UK support base. He also holds weekly Skype meetings with the management team in Lubumbashi and is involved in approving budgets and transferring funds to Kimbliio on a monthly basis.

Jean Bosco Tshiswaka – Kimbilio Co-ordinator and CMS Timothy partner.  Jean Bosco co-ordinates all the work of Kimbilio in Lubumbashi supporting the staff team, directing the work and ensuring the smooth running of the activities.  He holds monthly team meetings with the staff team and reports to Ian Harvey on a weekly basis as well as being accountable to the Kimbilio management committee locally.

Mark Gant – Trustee and Treasurer of the Congo Children Trust.  Mark is based in Chester, UK.  He has been a trustee since the Congo Children Trust was registered in 2007.  He visited Lubumbashi in 2007 and was involved in the initial planning process for the setting up of Kimbilio with the Anglican Church of Congo. He has visited Lubumbashi twice since that time.  He manages the CCT accounts and is the main contact for donations.

Sarah Trice – Chair of the Kimbilio Management Committee and Volunteer Co-ordinator of the Friends of Kimbilio in Lubumbashi.  Sarah lives in Lubumbashi and formerly managed an internet provider in the city.

Apart from Jean Bosco (who receives a modest living allowance via CMS) all of the above people work voluntarily for Kimbilio.  As the work is growing in DRC and the UK, there is a need for full time paid member of staff to take on the increasing responsibilities.  Funds are needed in order to enable this to take place.

Our Websites    congochildrentrust.org   lifeinlubumbashi.blogspot.com