WYFC aim to take the good news of Christ relevantly to every young person in Warrington.

Youth For Christ is an international youth work charity, that seeks to bring the good news relevantly to young people. Warrington YFC does this through educational resources in schools, youth work in the local community and networking across statutory and faith based agencies, working together – reaching out to the young people of Warrington.


WYFC showcase event


WYFC outreach event august 2014

IMG-20140806-WA0001WYFC have been doing a series of RE Act outreach events around Warrington in August. On Wednesday 6th August WYFC  did some street evangelism outside Holy Trinity with the help of ‘Make Jesus Known’ who will be coming over from Manchester. We had the church open for coffee bar and  a few members of Holy Trinity were there to support the event by being available to chat and pray for people.  We also gave out balloons and lanyards with a  link to iTruth, and initiative by “Make Jesus Known”

itruth is a multimedia resource initiative by “Make Jesus Known” designed for those who want to find out more about Jesus and what it means to follow him. Using short films it delivers the truth about God’s work in bite-sized relevant chunks. Using a website, mobile website and smartphone app it allows for people to easily access challenges, encouragements and provides the support they need in their new journey in following Jesus.




Please visit WYFC web site for further information about their Schools, Youth and Church work.