December 9, 2018

Are You A Game Changer?

Passage: Philippians 1:1-11, Luke 3:1-6
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John the Baptist preached a baptism of repentance, telling the crowd that what counts is the way they live their life, and shared the good news of Jesus with them. They ask him what they should do and John tells them and gives them clear instructions in Luke 3:10-18. He was a game changer.

Shirley has watched 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' for the first time this year. She said that Nick Knowles said that he saw the Jungle as an opportunity to get people to make friends. This is counter cultural to the way the show normally works. This year the celebrities were able to be game changers and were friends with each other which was great for them although possibly less interesting for viewer ratings.

In Philippians 1:9-11 Paul prays for the Philippians to grow in love and knowledge of Jesus. Paul was passionate about telling others about Jesus. He too was a game changer.

Each of us should be game changers.

Wouldn't it be good if our friendship with others showed Jesus to the world.