September 9, 2018

Faith without deeds is dead.

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We started a new series on James this morning. Unfortunately there is a problem with our media recording system at present so this sermon was not recorded. Also the sermons on 26/8/18 and 2/9/18 were not recorded.

The main theme of James is 'Faith without deeds is dead'. It's not enough to hear God's word, but we need to live out our faith out in actions and the way we live our lives.

When we read God's word we need to actively think and get rid of anything in our lives that is unhelpful.

We need to read God's word and learn about God and what he wants us to do.

We are saved by faith , we will be changed by God and transformed.

We need to ask God to guide and teach us. As we take steps in faith, God strengthens us and we gain experience of God working in our lives.