The words of Jesus on the Cross- part two- I am thirsty, It is finished.
March 18, 2018

The words of Jesus on the Cross- part two- I am thirsty, It is finished.

Passage: John 19:26-30
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This is the second in our series of what Jesus said when he was on the Cross.

Two of the last things Jesus said were

  • I am thirsty
  • It is finished

We are looking at Holy Ground as we look at these verses - the death of Jesus on the cross. We are familiar with these verses and need to be opoen to GOd to see them with fresh eyes.


Why did Jesus say I am thirsty?

  • Thirsty for a drink?
  • Thirsty for God?
Thirst for a drink

he weould have had a parched mouth and dry throat. This fulfills prophecy from Psalm 22:1

Jesus death was prophesied in advance. when Jesus says I am Thirsty he has no control over people's response to his words. He is offered wine vinegar... cheap wine ... yet this fulfills prophecy.

Crucifixion means you fight for breath- each exhalation is hard-  he was thirsty and struggling to breath. It's not easy to give a loud cry when your mouth is dry- perhaps he was able to do this after his drink. Psalm 69: speaks about Jesus being parched. In this suffering Jesus was fully human and suffered immensely. Old testament sacrifices had to be prefect - he has never sinned. his death forgave the past, the present,  and in the future, that can only happen because He is God.

He spoke, in John, about being living water yet he is now thirsty himself.

Thirsty for God.

Jesus took our sin upon himself and for a short while was separated from God..

It is finished.

J.C. Ryle suggests that this means

  • suffering as our substitute - our sins were dealt with on the cross.
  • Ceremonial law fulfilling - no longer any need for ceremonial law because his death was once and for all.
  • Prophecies in the Old Testament about Jesus were fulfilled by him.

Our salvation rests on a finished work. Romans 8:32-34

Jesus has exchanged our sin for salvation and righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:21

God loves us through Jesus death on the cross - a specific way God shows us his immense love for us/

so what?

There is nothing else we can add to this. We don't need to try and earn our salvation -  He loves us anyway. We are accepted because of His grace to us. All we can do is to accept and receive his forgiveness, and thank and worship him and love Him in response.