Sermon 13th June 2021 – Vision 2
June 13, 2021

Sermon 13th June 2021 – Vision 2

Passage: Acts 10
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Ian spoke about the vision's Peter and Cornelius had in Acts 10. He asked:-

  1. What sort of people saw the visions? Prayerful, faithful, obedient
  2. What did they see and hear? An invitation and a challenge
  3. What did they do about it? Obedient
  4. Joining the partss Neither made sense on its own But Together they were revolutionary

    He the spoke about how we have approached developing the vision at Holy Trinity

  1. Shirley's vision of HT as God's thumbprint
  2. Holy Trinity Lent prayer and responses
  3. SMT discussions and away day
  4. Discussion with PCC
  5. Presentation to whole Church (Jan 2021)

Two Visions - one from ROC and one from Shirley • 28-1-2020 Shirley- Thumbprint vision • 11-3-2020 ROC Conversation kick off vision

  • – Both Church and secular organisations
  • – Celebrate the good, Match needs/solutions
  • – Action group of 53 people – Slowed and limited by pandemic
  • – Change of action group leader

  The visions of Cirnelius and Peter only made sense when they came together Joining the parts Emerging vision? • Homelessness – HT- RATI, Coffee bar (Ken and Chris) – ROC/HT Bags of Hope Advent project (Museum St) • Youth focus – ROC September resources exhibition @ HT – Shared partnerships: • WYFC • Church Collective • WBC Cultural commissioner (ROC, Get Creative, Blightly)     We need to keep praying to see where God is leading Holy Trinity.