Bishop Paul’s ‘Rule of Life’

Bishop Paul’s ‘Rule of Life’

Last week, as the church marked Pentecost, Bishop Paul  introduced a Diocesan rule of life. You can hear his message about the rule of life, or read the full message, on the Liverpool Diocese website

“In his rule of life Bishop Paul has spoken about the inner journey and the outer journey of faith – that is, the life of prayer and study of scripture which forms us inwardly, and the life of proclamation and service which forms us outwardly.

To live such a life is to be a disciple – one who learns from Jesus in the power of the Spirit, one who comes through Jesus to the Father, one who becomes an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, speaking of Jesus, serving and being present to those on the edge of things.

In the inner journey we are called by God to be close to Jesus in our hearts. In the outer journey we are sent by God to be close to Jesus in the world.

In the inner journey we are called by God to pray, and to read scripture, and to learn from one another.
In the outer journey we are sent by God to tell our friends about Jesus, and to serve those in need, and to give our lives, our time and talents and money, back to the God who has given us everything.

Called to pray, read and learn. Sent to tell, serve and give.

In his message Bishop Paul encourages each person in the Liverpool Diocese to think about the rule of life. He says:

‘In your own way, and in the way of your own community, consider what it would look like to live according to a rule of life. Consider what it looks like for you to be called to pray, read and learn, and to be sent to tell, serve and give.

He adds ‘Over the next few months a whole range of diocesan resources will be shared, for you to use if you wish so as to help you make this journey. None of them are compulsory for everyone. All of them are designed to help some.

As a mark of your commitment for now, I simply ask that whenever you say the Lord’s Prayer, alone or in your family or in your church or in your school, whenever you say the Lord’s Prayer you begin by thinking to yourself,

“As a disciple of Jesus in the Diocese of Liverpool I pray…”.

Then this part of the journey will have begun.'”