Directions course

Directions course

A new ‘Directions’ Course will be starting  in Jan 2020.

Directions is an exciting course for people wishing to discover and grow in their Christian service and understand what God is calling them to do.

As a committed Christian are you trying to find out how you could be serving God?

If you’re not sure how you should or could respond to this, then Directions is the course for you. It will help you explore your Christian calling and equip you for the next stage of your journey.

Directions is for all kinds of people exploring different ways of serving God in the church and the world. It’s not just about ordination or serving God in the church.

Directions is not a Christian basics course. You’ll need to be familiar with the Bible and have experience of life as a Christian, as the course applies biblical and Christian thinking about how you live in the church and the world.The Liverpool Diocese Rule of Life tells us all Christians are called to Pray, Read, Learn and sent to Tell, Serve, Give. Our Directions course is designed to help people grow in their inward journey of praying, reading and learning and to explore where and how God is sending them to tell, serve and give.

Like many Christians, you may have a sense of God’s call but not be sure what that call is to or how to respond?

Directions offers teaching, group discussions, personal reflection and focused exploration over 15 sessions. To find out more about what’s involved, who Directions is for and read stories from some people who have done Directions and where it has led them click here .
See Shirley if you’re interested.