Fair Trade Fortnight 2017

Fair Trade Fortnight 2017

Fair trade fortnight sets aside two weeks every year in which the principles and products of fair trade are promoted and the links between consumers and producers are highlighted. 

This year’s Fair Trade fortnight is 27th February to 12th March.

At Holy Trinity we support Fair Trade by using Fair Trade tea and coffee in our coffee bar.

Fair Trade work with Traidcraft, who is a pioneer of the fair trade movement in the UK and was founded on Christian principles, with a mission to fight poverty through trade. 

Fair 4 All 

Fair 4 All is in the centre of Warrington Market. Fair 4 All aims to raise awareness about Fair Trade and provide a retail outlet for fairly-traded products that will benefit producers in developing countries. 


How you can support Fair Trade 

Last year Fair Trade published an excellent article which talks about some of the misconceptions that can put us off supporting Fair Trade called  6 thing people get wrong about Fair Trade , and encourages us to support Fair Trade.

By supporting and promoting fair trade products and issues we can all do something practical, simple and positive to ensure that producers from developing countries receive a fair price for their products.

  • Buy products which carry the Fairtrade mark as part of your regular shopping. If you cannot find a fairly traded product that you want please ask – shops may be unaware of the demand for these items.
  • Please support Traidcraft by buying your fair trade goods from Fair 4 All in the market as much as you can. Traidcraft has a bigger impact on fair trade than supermarkets