Marie Ratcliffe WACIDOM Concert Saturday 4th May

Marie Ratcliffe WACIDOM Concert Saturday 4th May

Marie Ratcliffe  – Piano We look forward to hearing Marie’s concert on the 4th May at 1.45 p.m.


Clementi                                 Sonatina in C major – 1st and 3rd movement.

Kuhlau                                    Sonatina in C major -1st, 2nd and third movement.

Dussek                                    Sonatina in F major – 1st movement. 

Carl Bach                                 Solfeggietto and Prelude in C 

Schubert                                 Impromptu in A flat 

Schubert                                 Impromptu in G flat 

Adolf Schneider                      Spanish Waltz Opus no. 70. 

Debussy                                  Clair de Lune 

Debussy                                  Golliwog’s Cakewalk 

Field                                        Nocturne in B flat 

Joseph Nowakowski             Chant d’Amour 

Gutmann                                Nocturne in A flat 

August Durand                       Waltz in E flat major 

Marie Ratcliffe                        A little study in F 

Tandem for two

Cherry Blossom Waltz 

Chopin                                    Waltz in E flat 


Marie was born in the Lancashire town of Burnley. From the age of 5, she was mesmerised by the piano and knew immediately that she wanted to learn to play. At the age of 8 Marie had lessons from Mrs. Scott (Kathryn Stott’s- mother) until the age of 16.  During this time she was entered into many music festivals and completed her studies at Blackburn School of Music.

For many years Marie taught music in schools and in the private sector.  As an adult, Marie took advanced lessons with Carrie Steingold and David Jones, both from the RNCM and started to give piano recitals.  Marie also enjoys composing, three pieces are included in the programme .

Marie has studied various composers, such as Grieg, Mendelssohn, Glinka, Schumann ,Schubert and others.

Marie enjoys giving recitals and has raised money for breast cancer research. She continues to work as a freelance pianist and to teach.