Mother’s Day Service

Mother’s Day Service

Caroline led our Mother’s Day service today.  Alison is wearing items that are visual examples of the Godly characteristics of Holy Living mentioned in  Colossians 3:12-17 to help us remember how to treat one another.

We are to Clothe ourselves with:

The glasses of compassion to help us see others as God sees them

The gloves of kindness to help us to remember to be kind when we deal with one another and in dealing with ourselves.

Soft shoes or slippers to remind us to be gentle with one another.

Seeds –  we need to be patient as we wait for seeds to grow and as we wait for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives and grow the fruits of the Spirit.

The apron of service reminds us of the need to be humble and serve one another.

The teddy bear reminds us to bear with one another and appreciate that we can all get things wron so make allowances for one another.

The mirror is to remind us of our own behaviour and remind us to be forgiving towards one another.

The white heart reminds us that all these characteristics are held together by Love. God’s never ending love that withstands everything and never gives up on us.