Prayer and Fasting Day

Prayer and Fasting Day

Normal Christian fasting means privately and occasionally choosing to go without food (though not water) for some special period of time (whether a day or three or seven) in view of some specific spiritual purpose.

For more information about fasting read the article on ‘Fasting for Beginners’ on the Desiring God website. This also explains fasting and has a lot of practical advice. See summarised of a few of their comments and advice below.

  1. Jesus says when we fast not if … Mathew 6:16
  2. Fasting is hard so start small. Perhaps start by missing one meal and build up to longer fasts.
  3. Consider how it affects others and try and choose a time that is suitable with your other commitments
  4. There are many ways to fast- for example a partial fast is where you just miss a meal, a Daniel Fast is where you just eat fruit and vegetables. If you have health issues and are unable to fast from food or other ways of fasting from something else you enjoy regularly like tea / coffee/ a favourite Tv programme.
  5. Plan what you will do instead of eating.Read the full article here.

Read the full article on the Desiring God website.

Fasting needs to have a focus so that when we feel hungry we are prompted to pray. A fast should have a specific spiritual purpose. Identify what that is and design a focus to replace the time you would have spent eating. Without a purpose and plan,