Sharon Wilcox

Sharon Wilcox

snip of sharton photoWe had a very enjoyable visit from Sharon this weekend.


Sharon told us about her three years in Ecuador. Her first year was spent as a class room assistant and then she felt God saying to her ‘what will happen to these children when they leave school?’

Sharon had experience, as a nurse working  with adults with learning disabilities in the UK, and felt called to use that experience in Equador . She spent the following year writing the life skills program  and started a pilot project. In August 2015 she was able to start a new Life’s skill project  to support local school leavers and adults with learning disabilities. she has been joined in this work by Petita.  She explained that they had two young men coming since the start of the project, which enabled Petita to learn a lot, and have time to do things slowly and in detail. Petita  has been able to experience firsthand how to communicate using non-verbal communication, as well as how to adapt things for someone with mild physical disabilities. the programme has been able to help the youngsters learn to make a variety of things to sell, as well as teaching them skills to use in the home. The project aims to  help the young adults develop the necessary  life skills that enable people to become independent valued members of their community and to live as independently as possible. Sharon was pleased to report that the group has grown and now has six young adults. She  hopes the life skills programe will develop to the point where participants will have a small business selling homemade craft items so they can gain financial stability.

Sharon says please give thanks:

That God has given me the opportunity to make a difference.                                                                                                     That he has allowed friendships to develop, not only with Petita but with other missionaries.                                             That the young people are learning and having fun.                                                                                                                   For God’s presence with me throughout the last three years, making all that has happened possible.

Sharon has agreed to return to Ecuador for another 3 years, as she believes God wants her to develop the work she started, to enable more young people to gain the skills they need to be as independent as possible.

Please pray:                                                                                                                                                                                             That Petita will become confident in her ability to lead the group, and enjoy the challenge.

For  God’s provision of a suitable building for the Life Skills Programme.  We had to move from the Foundation’s school building as Jill( the owner) wants to sell it. She kindly provided an alternative, which is a small kitchen, dinning room and toilet. That was ok for 2 or 3 students, but we now have 7 young people which makes it a bit cramped. Ideally we need a house or flat where we can teach them to look after a home, as well as do all the other things we want to do.

The Foundation has no funds to rent anywhere ( it would be about $6000 (£4000) a year, for 2 or 3 years until we have enough paying students to enable us to cover the rent). Therefore we will have to rely on a building being given (very unlikely in Santo Domingo), or staying where we are and making the best of it. Unless God has other plans.