Traidcraft under threat

Traidcraft under threat

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Traidcraft seeks to live out the Christian faith through its mission to fight poverty through trade.

  • Traidcraft has a bigger impact on fair trade than buying fairly traded goods from supermarkets.
  • Traidcraft runs life-changing development projects
  • Traidcraft campaigns to bring about trade justice
  • Traidecraft abides by and promotes fair business practices
  • Traidcraft  respects all people and the environment
  • Traidcraft strives to be transparent and accountable

Fairtrade sales to  church congregations have always been the crucial backbone of Traidcraft’s business and their support in the past enabled this ‘Gold Standard’ Fairtrade company to grow and flourish.  However many supporters in churches are now buying their Fairtrade products in the supermarket rather than from Traidcraft, mistakenly thinking they are having a greater impact for Fairtrade by doing this. 100% of products sold by Traidcraft are fairly traded, or raise money for their charity arm ‘Traidcraft Exchange’. In stark contrast, most Fairtrade goods sold in supermarkets come from massive corporations such as Nestle and Cadburys, which sell only one or two Fairtrade products in their huge range of goods. It is essential that Traidcraft is supported as much as possible by the church in order that it can stay in business and continue its pioneering role.

Please support Traidcraft by buying your fair trade goods from Fair 4 All in the market as much as you can. More information about Traidcraft can be found on their website at