Archie Montgomerie’s Baptism-Christening

Archie Montgomerie’s Baptism-Christening

This afternoon we celebrated Archie Montgomerie’s baptism at Holy Trinity. It was particularly special as there were four generation’s of  Archie’s family present. The late Reverend Bill Montgomerie, Archie’s great great grandfather was the minister at Holy Trinity  for many years, so it was lovely that today’s service was taken by his son, Reverend Andrew Montgomerie, who is Archie’s great uncle.

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives, the first step in response to God’s love.

The service paints many vivid pictures of what happens on the Christian way. There is the sign of the cross, the badge of faith in the Christian journey, which reminds us of Christ’s death for us on the cross.

In baptism God calls us to new life,  the water is a sign of new life as it represents the fact that we die to sin, and are born again by the holy spirit, and raised to new life with Jesus.

As a sign of this new life, a candle is lit, a picture of the light of Christ conquering the darkness of evil.

Everyone who is baptised and follows Jesus walks in that light for the rest of their lives.