Matthew Kimpton-Smith Testimony

Matthew Kimpton-Smith Testimony

We are very privileged to have a talk by Matthew Kimpton-Smith on 7th October 11am, at Holy Trinity where he will be sharing his Testimony.

Matthew Kimpton-Smith is owner and CEO of Cygnet Group, an advanced engineering business in Wincham. Matthew is a well-known Cheshire business-man who rowed for Cambridge in the Oxford Cambridge boat race, could pick up the phone to government ministers and, with his powerful personality and strategic vision, hugely influenced how other people thought and acted.

Matthew has always been open about his Christian faith and has shared for many years how his faith influenced his behaviour in life and in business. Matthew came to faith through one of the early Alpha courses run by Nicky & Pippa Gumbel and he then persuaded Sam, Pippa’s sister, to marry him.  Matthew has been in a pretty unique position to evangelise and demonstrate God’s word in action.

But before you think this one isn’t for me as my walk is nothing like that and never will be, you will be relieved to hear that Matthew is actually human, that the walk and the talk didn’t always match and that this sometimes frustrated those who knew him well, along with himself.  However ……

 ……..something horrific happened. In May 2016 at the age of only 49, Matthew suffered a cardiac arrest while out cycling, also suffering skull fractures and many other broken bones in the incident. He was put into an induced coma and his older children were called out of finals at university and a gap year abroad, as their father was not expected, by his doctors, to live

Then there was a call to worldwide prayer for total healing, which Holy Trinity joined. Slowly but surely Matthew started to recover. Two years on, Matthew is back at work, has returned to cycling and has been recovered far beyond his doctors’ wildest dreams. He isn’t 100% better yet and still sees measurable improvements on a monthly basis. Even if Matthew is not yet fully healed in the bodily human sense, he passionately believes it was the best thing that could have happened – his life is better now, his walk with the Lord is different, becoming clearer and developing continually.

Come and hear Matthew as he shares his powerful testimony and how his walk with our Lord is personally developing.