Six week Sermon Series on Nehemiah started today.

Six week Sermon Series on Nehemiah started today.

Over the next six weeks we will be looking at a sermon series on the book of Nehemiah.

This morning Ian introduced the series by looking at Nehemiah Chapter 1 v 1-11.

The book of Nehemiah is the last historical book of the Old Testament.  Jerusalem’s Temple has been rebuilt but the the city walls are in ruins.  Nehemiah’s brother  travelled almost 1,000 miles to bring news of the perilous state of Jerusalem.  Nehemiah is upset at this news. His response is to pray and seek God’s wisdom.

Nehemiah’s prayer

He starts with God, acknowledging God as the Lord of Heaven

He confesses Israel’s and his own sin and need for repentance

He is persistent in prayer and continues to pray day and night

He claims the promise in Deuteronomy 30- that if they confess their sin and turn back to God, God will restore them

He prays that he can be part of the solution and acts only after prayer.


The sermon series on Nehemiah will be over 6 weeks and will cover:

Week 1. Ch 1 v 1-11 Setting the scene and starting with prayer (8th Jan)

Week 2. Ch 2 v 1-18 Dealing with the king, assessing task, selling vision to the people (15th  Jan)
Week 3. Ch 4 v 1-23 Dealing with opposition  (22nd Jan)
Week 4. Ch 5 v 1-19 Dealing with injustice- challenging others and personal response (29th Jan)
Week 5. Ch 8 v 1-18 Ezra reads the law, Levites teach, people respond (19th Feb)
Week 6. Ch 12 v 27-43- dedication of the walls (the end of the project) (26thFeb)