Which Bridge are you most like?

Which Bridge are you most like?






This morning Caroline continued our sermon series on Nehemiah,looking at  Chapter 2 v 1-18. 

Chapter 2 starts with Nehemiah’s approach to the king, then moves on to his assessing the task of rebuilding the wall,  and selling the vision to the people.

In Nehemiah’s day, servants had to have a happy face when they were around the king.  Because Nehemiah approaches the king with a sad face, he risks being punished. When the king asks why Nehemiah has a sad face Nehemiah sends an arrow prayer to God before he replies.

Caroline contrasted the deep prayer  in chapter 1 to this arrow prayer. She talked about a flimsy string bridge  that just has one or two planks in it, with huge gaps in between. It is secure and will get you across to the other side, but it is difficult. She then spoke of another bridge that is really secure of  brick  or wood where you can’t see the water or land beneath the bridge. On this bridge you feel solid and secure as you cross it. she explained that this was a picture of the difference between a christian life based on just arrow prayers. It’s no reflection on God’s response. God’s response is solid, God is our rock and he answers with all power. But it does have an effect on our relationship with him.  If we just constantly live our life on arrow prayers our relationship is a bit like the rope bridge. If we have interspersed the arrow prayers with solid prayer, the constant prayer morning and evening, just really in relationship with God. The arrow prayers are very valid, but it’s in the context of solid prayer.  She said that’s like the solid bridge.

Which bridge are you most like?