Church Mission Society

Church Mission Society

Our CMS South America mission partner is Sharon Wilcox. 

Sharon Wilcock

Sharon has started a new Life’s skill project in August 2015  to support local school leavers and adults with learning disabilities, which will help them develop the necessary  life skills that enable people to become independent valued members of their community and to live as independently as possible. She  hopes the life skills programe will develop to the point where participants will have a small business selling homemade craft items so they can gain financial stability.

Sharon says ‘All my adult life I have worked with adults with learning disabilities in the UK. Having been a Christian since I was a teenager, I worshipped mostly in Anglican or Baptist churches. After being baptised in 2008, I felt God asking me to serve him overseas. I spent two weeks in Nepal with the Baptist Mission Society in 2011 before joining Church Mission Society in 2012.

 I have knowledge and experience, as well as the drive to try and change that for them and their community. I want people in Ecuador and other Latin American countries to realise that their lives will be enriched by getting to know people with disabilities. Sharon says that people with learning disabilities in Ecuador are under-valued and often hidden from society. Her desire is to show God’s love in action to people with learning disabilities and to help them to feel valued.                                                                      

 Being part of a large church family network like CMS enables me to carry out my role, knowing that people are praying for me regularly.’

As a church we are keen to continue to support LIAT  are now  supporting Sharon as our CMS South America mission partner and her work with LIAT .


The aims and objectives of LIAT Ecuador trust:

  • Providing education to children with special educational needs
  • Developing Pre-school education on the local barrio
  • Developing card making workshops and jewelry making workshops to enhance family incomes
  • Developing a large project to support women and children who have suffered from abuse.

Jill Ball

Jill Ball

Jill Ball set up Life in Abundance (Ecuador)Trust  in 2004.  She  was a mission partner with the Church Mission Society (CMS). Jill also worked in partnership with The First Baptist Church in Santo Domingo Ecuador.  LIAT’s  ministry seeks to improve the lives of the poor and marginalised in Ecuador and to show God’s great love and hope of a full, abundant life.

Jill retired as a mission partner from CMS this March, but is an associate mission partner, which means she is still involved , though in a different way. Jill has been living Leigh on Sea for the past 9 months, where she attends an Anglican church, St. Michael and All Angels. The work in Ecuador, goes from strength to strength, and Jill is in regular contact with Ecuador through email and Skype.

Jill is keen to promote the work of CMS, while continuing to support the work in Ecuador through regular visits and speaking about the charity wherever possible. She has visited Ecuador with her son Daniel, his wife Aparna and their three children.

CMS South America Link  

More information about LIAT and how to support their work in Ecuador amongst the poor and disabled and can be made by clicking on the LIAT website.

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